When I was 16 I got myself a job within a new business in my hometown called The Paddle – a small, artisan eatery full of love and positivity, serving everything from morning coffee and brunch to dinner and cocktails…

The ethos behind The Paddle is organic, clean and everything i’m interested in; where the passion for good quality food and drinks is prominent. From the age of 16 up until I moved to London to start university, I watched The Paddle grow as a business and made amazing friendships with my colleagues and customers. I learned about the nitty-gritty of running a small business and even more about clean-living and the importance of good food and drink.

The owner of The Paddle, Donna, not only taught me how to be a good waitress and manage situations with the general public, she also taught me a lot about wine and coffee culture. Having trained in New Zealand and Australia, it’s fair to say Donna really knew her stuff when it came to coffee. Over my time at The Paddle, Donna trained me up as a barista to the point where I could confidently pour over 100 bangin’ coffees (in all their varieties) on a single Saturday morning.

When my time came to leave The Paddle before I moved to London, I was lucky enough to be bought my very own coffee machine complete with all the accessories and a bag of beans. This meant I could continue to practice my skills and drink the delicious coffee served in The Paddle whilst at University



The coffee machine I have is the Duo-Temp Pro by Sage, kitchen appliance brand developed by celebrity chef, Heston Blumenthal. Having had a few bad experiences with other commercial espresso machines such as the Gaggia Classic, it was so refreshing to use the Duo-Temp Pro, arguably the best domestic coffee machine in comparison with heavy duty commercial machines. The machine has a self-cleaning system and is strong, well-built and provides precise extraction to ensure the flavours are balanced as they are drawn through the basket at an appropriate temperature to produce a high quality espresso.

The steam wand is similar to that of a commercial machine and provides high pressure steam to stretch and heat the milk to create the micro-foam needed to produce silky milk perfect for latte art and essentially giving you the cafe experience from your very own kitchen.

Watch my video of the Duo-Temp Pro in action below:


Thanks to Sage for Tweeting about my video: 





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