Skincare | La Roche-Posay works wonders


If you’ve been following my blog for a while you would have found out that my skin has been the bane of my life for quite some time. Bad skin is an absolute confidence destroyer and for me just generally p*ssed me off on a daily basis…

screen-shot-2017-02-05-at-17-04-10I used to get so frustrated that I had tried almost every product in Boots and yet my skin was still awful. It probably didn’t help that I found A-Level exams stressful and  didn’t go on holiday anywhere during the summer so my skin was lacking in vitamin D. Instead, I spent the whole summer running around a hot restaurant under a full face of makeup. Despite this, I always used to take my skincare regime seriously and no matter what time i’d get home from work i’d always take my makeup off properly.

This time last year I was coming off a three month course of anti-biotics for my skin as I decided I needed something stronger to try and sort my skin out. I was also convinced that the root of my bad skin was more of an internal problem what with an added sprinkling of stress and hormones that were all over the place.

It cleared my skin on my back and chest, which is still clear, however it didn’t work on my face. Putting makeup on became a chore which I didn’t enjoy as i’d spend up to 1/2 an hour concealing my face. It wasn’t so much that i’d have loads and loads of massive spots, (sorry), it was more scars, uneven skin and black under-eyes  that became my problem over time.  At its worse I used to get really upset and scrub my skin aggressively whenever I used an exfoliating mask until it bled, obviously not helping the situation.

Either way, I couldn’t STAND the way I looked without makeup and found it annoying how friends and people I know could eat a diet of sh*t food and use just makeup wipes and yet have clear skin whereas I ate predominantly ate clean and took skincare seriously. Despite being told to just embrace my skin, I was worried for moving to university, living with 7 people I didn’t know who’d see me with and without makeup on. After a couple weeks in, i’d seen all the lovely girls I live with without makeup on, none of who had obvious skin issues. I had to put a lot of makeup on even if I was only in uni for a couple of hours, i’d go through a lot of eyeliner, to draw attention to something other than my gross skin. If i’d have a shower before dinner i’d have to put makeup back on just to go and cook in the communal kitchen just to feel comfortable, ridiculous!

After a lot of research, I found that La Roche Posay products seemed to be amongst the best-sellers on beauty websites with fantastic reviews. As a pretty pricey brand, as soon as I saw their ‘3 step system’ for over half price on I bought it straight away. When I went home for 10 days at Christmas, I started using it, twice a day. As well as a big push on a plant-based diet, (dairy is awful for your skin), I felt that being home in the less polluted sea-side air might help my skin breathe also.

The set includes a cleansing gel is a daily cleanser, helping to remove excess makeup and impurities after you’ve used normal makeup remover. After washing your face with this, you use an effaclar clarifying toner which refines skin texture and reduces the appearance of pores, this step also feels really fresh and cooling on your skin. Finally you use an anti-blemish cream which corrects and hydrates your face. It works to reduce the red and dark marks and provides hydration as well as acting as a great makeup base. As the final step, this feels so nice massaged all over your face. If you do this in the evening, you go to bed feeling so so clean. The product states visible improvement within 6 weeks and so only products I used as well as the 3step system was an under-eye corrector by no7 and Garnier micellar water to remove makeup.

By the time I was due to head back to London, I could not believe how much my skin had improved, all within 10 days! As well as having days at home where I didn’t wear any makeup, I’d used the products religiously and was very very impressed. On my journey back to London I had nothing on my face except a little eyebrow pencil and mascara, something I would have NEVER done before. It was great only spending 3 minutes on my makeup in the morning and not going through 4 cotton pads to remove my foundation in the evening also. Within a week back in London, my skin was getting clearer and clearer and slowly i’d wear less and less makeup around my flatmates until I was wearing none at all. It felt good being comfortable going into uni having only used a little mascara, eyebrow pencil, BB cream and bronzer and saving the lashings of winged eyeliner for days and nights out.

La Roche-Posay really did change the game for me, and I’m still using it now, almost 2 months later. I’m hoping to explore the brand further and find a product that can really work on a few of the deeper scars I have.

I’ve added a ‘beauty’ page to the Grow Alice homepage as i’m hoping to continue to write about skincare and makeup on my journey to healthy skin. I have some pretty shocking ‘before’ photos to share with you once my skin’s good enough for an ‘after’ photo which I hope to share in future posts.

I absolutely love the Vitamin C moisturiser by the Body Shop and have re-ordered one of those alongside their new microdermabrasion product from the same line, so stay tuned for a post on those!

Thanks for reading,

A x



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