First year at university is complete and I can’t believe how fast it’s gone! Until September, i’ve moved out of the city and back into my family home with a few missions; to earn as much money as possible, to work on myself, to spend time with loved ones and to plan parts of year 2 at uni…

It’s safe to say i’ve had an amazing time at university for the past nine months, but now i’ve got £10 in my bank account (legit) and it’s time to come home and get earning again. I’ve moved back to the South Coast and i’m back at it, barista-ing it up and working (as much as I can!!) where I used to work prior to moving to London, which is so great.

I’ve just finished my first week back of full-time work and have spent my day off recovering! With not much money, i’ve been forced to totally relax; I got out of bed at 12 and spent the day in a cosy room in my house which we call ‘the snug’. My parents have worked a lot on the house in the last 9 months and i’ve already decided i’m going to be spending a lot of time in the snug.


^ The Snug by day ^


^ One of my fav breakfasts; peanut butter and banana on toast ^

I spent the day researching a potential weekend break for September, EDINBURGH! Everyone I know who’s been to Edinburgh absolutely LOVED it and so i’ve decided I need to go – I’ve already written a huge list of trendy coffee shops I want to go to (my poor bf lol).

I’m sure the next three months on the South Coast will fly by, and i’m really excited to get back to the city already however in the meantime i’m focusing on saving money. It’s been sOoOo weird going from seeing my bf almost everyday in London to not for weeks, but i’m excited to travel North for the first time ever to spend time with him in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, expect posts revolving around food and university reflections…

Thanks for reading,

A x


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