First time eating eggs since February

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’d know that I’d been veggie for three years however within the last 6 months have began eating fish as I felt I was ‘missing’ something from my diet. I’ve also dabbled in and out of veganism… it’s safe to say I’m confused about food…


I had a vegan stint after Christmas for a few weeks (poor attempt, I know) after researching and reading many vegan blogs. I felt inspired after reading how veganism had changed people’s bodies, minds and outlook on life and as I only had myself to consider at uni, I found it easier to only by food suitable for a vegan diet.

After a few weeks, I was really missing cheese (I don’t drink cows milk ever, it makes me break-out) however for some reason I wasn’t missing eggs. I think it was because (Cliché alert) I watched a disgusting and cruel video about chickens and eggs and how in some Asian countries it’s a delicacy to eat fertilised chicken eggs. Don’t get me wrong, I only ever bought the best of the best quality, free-range eggs, like my mum always has, however I couldn’t get the thought of cracking an egg and it being fertilised out of my head.

So despite eating cheese again and then fish, for some reason I just never bought eggs. It was only when I came home that I was really craving scrambled egg on toast or perfectly poached eggs with kale, like I cooked this morning. I’m not going to lie, it took a LOT of thinking about but I didn’t regret it, my home-cooked brunch was delish.

I absolutely admire people on a plant-based diet, especially with such inspirational outlooks on the environment and animal cruelty, which is why this post has been realllllly difficult to write because i’m fully aware it probably appears super hypocritical.

In my confusion, I spoke to a family friend and baker who cooks with eggs everyday and she reminded me that, a chicken is always going to lay eggs, fertilised or not. So why waste them? She also assured me that she would only buy free range eggs of the highest quality as they really make all the difference in cooking.

Despite having eggs today, I intend to carry on with research and reading into plant-based diets as my diet and health really did change for the better when I prioritised superfoods and cut out milk. You can catch up on my superfood story here: Students and Superfoods. I also find learning about the environment super interesting and find the link between a vegan diet and the environment incredibly insightful.

Thanks for reading,

A x


  • Hummus with dukkah
  • Yellow tomatoes from the Isle of Wight, UK
  • 2 free-range poached eggs
  • Kale and spinach cooked in coconut oil, salt and pepper
  • Crunchy white toast

3 thoughts on “First time eating eggs since February

  1. Wow, your post really resonated with me. I was especially moved by the part about something being missing. I was vegan for three months and vegetarian for three months after that. I was hungry all the time, even after I’d eaten. I remember watching all the cruelty videos and learning about what was put in food. It really bothered me. Sometimes, the mind and the body need time to figure things out. How did you feel about eating eggs? Was it weird?

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    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Alyssa! It felt strange cracking an egg into a pan of boiling water, as that’s something I haven’t done in a very long time!
      The affects of many food industries on the environment bothers me greatly as does cruelty to animals however I really can’t get my head around eggs, laid fresh by happy, free range chickens who were going to lay eggs fertilised or not!
      I quickly remembered the beautiful taste of a perfectly poached egg but did spend the rest of the morning thinking about it! Hence the post. Thanks again!

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      1. Oh for sure! There is so much wrong with environmentalism and food these days. It’s so hard to know if what we are buying is what it says it is. I know I sometimes have an idyllic vision of how animals supposedly live on farms with huge pastures and lots of space to move even though I know it’s not reality. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures.

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