Summer Garden Dinner Party

Last night I hosted a little garden shindig for some of the important women in my life, everyone from my best friend to my nan was there! 

I was in charge of cooking for 9 of us and decided to a big ‘help-yourself’ kind of dinner, my favourite kind! The evening kicked off with me making G&T’s for all my ladies and we all ate outside as it’s been such beautiful weather recently in the UK.



Onto the FOOOOOOD,

In the afternoon I made some bread dough and let it prove ready to turn into a beautiful focaccia loaf…


I also made a HUGE quinoa salad, I roasted lots of mediterranean veg in avocado and garlic olive oil and let it sit before adding to the quinoa along with spinach, basil and halloumi.

39 For the non-veggies, I baked a load of salmon fillets. I loooove cooking fish in tin-foil to keep all the flavour in. I wedged lemon slices in between each fillet and added lots of sea salt and black pepper.


A little extra was a big plate of grilled asparagus!


So happy that everything went to plan and I had no disasters in the kitchen!



Thanks for reading!

A x


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