A day off on a Stormy Day

After the past couple of weeks drama’s to do with finding accommodation for second year at uni, (FULL-TIME ADULTING UPDATE: STRESSED) , my day off today couldn’t have come quick enough…

I started the day with a well deserved lay-in. At uni, I got into a bad habit of waking up super late on my days off however i’m in a routine of waking up early for work now so waking up at 10am, doesn’t seem a lay-in but it was good enough for me.

I made beans on toast and a green tea and sat on the sofa to catch up on Youtube videos for an hour or so before doing a few jobs around the house for mum. I definitely felt tired today, my legs ached and my throat was sore. Besides popping out to run some errands in town, I spent the day with my hair in a greasy ponytail and in my PJ’s with no makeup on – it was greaaaat.

I decided to perk myself up and made a delicious yet simple lunch. I had a chickpea bake from Gosh which are made 100% from natural, vegan ingredients and paired it with a simple crunchy salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and seeds. I drizzled the whole lot in avocado oil, salt and pepper. Not forgetting a huge spoon of hummus.IMG_7833


I then made a batch of raw energy balls for the week ahead, I haven’t made these in a couple of months and figured eating one or two today would help sort me out. On days where you feel a little sluggish and tired, it’s all too easy to reach for a chocolate bar to perk you up. These energy balls consisted of coconut oil, dates, oats, cashew butter, pecans, chia seeds and cacao powder. Similar to those found on my bog here, Recipe | Energy Bites inspired by Deliciously Ella .


For the rest of the afternoon and evening, It was thundering and raining outside so I slugged on the sofa and watched a load of netflix. I’m really into my documentaries at the moment, I watched What The Health and also Chasing Coral – two incredibly important doc’s which I hope to write a full post about soon.

Thanks for reading,


A x


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