And there I am…and if the bags under my eyes and lack of my my usual black eyeliner don’t give it away then i’ll just say now that i’ve been feeling hella tired and hella stressed…

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 20.58.58If you read my post about a month ago,ย FULL-TIME ADULTING, you’ll know that i’m back in my family home for the summer before year 2 at uni. I can’t afford to live in London until then so i’m in full-time work back on the South Coast.

Out of three, I’m over a month in and time seems to be flying by however sorting out accommodation for second year is reaaally dragging. For me money is really tight and living and studying in the most expensive city for university students in the UK – the pressure is on. Due to my student loan (which is the minimum), I have to be super stingy and can only really afford the rent for the most basic halls in London. Naturally, as friends and relationships were made, it became only logical that the idea for second year would be to move into a rented property for second and third year of university. Considering, the other three people in my group had a strong student loan and help from parents, I didn’t think finding a property would be this much of an issue – with me working as much as possible.

Unfortunately, the whole situation has been a disaster however a huge learning curve. To cut a long and nasty story short, I’ve wasted a lot of time and money travelling to London to do house viewings to only be let down by my group – bar one person. As you can imagine, it’s been so stressful for me, especially being the one with the least amount of money however putting the most effort into looking for houses. I realised that I haven’t got time for people who have very unrealistic expectations of living in London on such a small, student budget. You can thank people’s very sheltered up-bringing in a bubble of spoilt-ness for that! As I haven’t got a minute to spare, I even attempted to apply for halls again as a backup only to be told i’m too late and that if I applied now i’d only be joining a waiting list of almost 300 students!

The thought of starting uni again in 2 months, with currently no idea where i’ll be living is a crazy thought. Luckily, the property turnover in London is so fast and across the websites I use to find properties in London, at least 15 new places are added each day. It’s a case of onwards and upwards as my boyfriend and I look for properties to rent together – and this is something I actually want to be excited about, not stressed about.

I’ll keep you all updated…any advice i’d be more than grateful for!

Thanks for reading,

A x


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