Homemade Pizza in the Garden

It’s quite rare for there to be just three people in for dinner at home! But for one evening this week, it was just my mum, one of my sisters and myself – so my homemade pizza skills got put to good use!



Whilst the Sauvignon Blanc was chilling, I made 500g of pizza dough using pasta flour, honey, salt, avocado oil and yeast. I’ve never used pasta flour before but i’m glad I did because it made such a bangin’ crust. I decided to make one vegan pizza and one big one with half and half toppings.

On both pizza’s I started with a simple homemade tomato puree with salt, pepper and herbs. On the vegan pizza, I then added, spinach, cherry tomatoes, yellow tomatoes and sundried tomatoes (i’m obsessed with tomatoes at the moment!) and also black olives and cashew nuts.

On the bigger pizza, half was the same as the vegan pizza but with added mozzarella cheese and pesto. The other half had pineapple chunks, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes on also. I’ve always been a huge fan of pineapple on pizza so when I saw half a tin of pineapple chunks in the fridge, I got excitedddd.

Both pizzas were delish and perfect with a simple salad, crunchy iceberg lettuce, cucumber, seeds and avocado oil. Myself and mum had a glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc (the best kind of Sauvignon, am I right?) and for my sister, I made her a jar of cloudy lemonade with mint, rosemary, lemons and limes.

Enjoy my pictures below and thanks for reading,

A x




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