Life Update: I’m Moving Back to London

Summer’s over and i’m moving back to reality, back to London…

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Hey there,

Apologies for being quiet on here for about a month now, working full-time definitely took over my life amongst other things, but i’m BACK. I can’t believe three months has flown by so quickly and in just two days i’ll be moving into my very first flat and paying bills with my boyfriend in South East London…IM TOO YOUNG TO BE ADULTING THIS MUCH?!

I’m feeling all kinds of emotions about moving into my own flat, scared, nervous but above all i’m so excited. The idea of being responsible for keeping on top of bills and paying London-priced rent and budgeting so tightly absolutely freaks me out but it’s the next chapter in life that i’m hoping goes to plan.

The logistics of the moving process, i’ve done pretty much on my own which i’m proud of. Remember, they don’t teach you about electricity and gas bills and council tax and rent at school! I did feel a little out of my depth in the beginning and quickly became stressed and worried about being told things by landlords and energy companies that I had NO idea what they meant but I think when you’re young – it’s all part of the process.

I’ve been worried about finding a part-time job in time for when uni starts up again as I desperately need an extra source of income other than my (ridiculously small student loan)  otherwise it will be frankly near impossible to survive in London as a student. Hopefully i’ll be having a few trial shifts within the next two weeks, so fingers crossed. I really want a job sorted before I start back at uni, so I can settle into one thing at a time.

My flat itself is based within the heart of Camberwell, South East London and is about a 25 minute walk away from my uni. It’s in a lovely area and is surrounded by lots of great eating and drinking places as well as parks, open green spaces and shops. The road that my flat is on is lined with big trees and is fairly quiet, fab considering i’m a 15 minute tube away from manic places such Oxford Street. We could obviously only afford a basic one bedroom flat, however it’s lovely. It’s on the top floor of a big Victorian house, big windows and a wide staircase. I’ve been collecting lovely homewares for the past three months so prepare for lots of photos in the not too distant future!

Onto uni, the main reason i’m in London at all. I can’t wait to go back into second year! I’m looking forward to seeing my friends and getting back into a good routine on the course and finding interesting work experience and placements to boost my professional CV. Keep your eyes pealed for uni update posts each semester like I did in year 1!

September and October is going to be BUSY. As well as moving into my new flat, starting a new job and going back to uni, i’m going to be turning 20 at the end of the month and have a birthday weekend planned. Not long after that i’m going on a trip to Edinburgh with my boyfriend which I booked AGES AGO and it’s also my best friends birthday weekend in London,  the week after.

Thank you for reading this little life update!

A x



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