Homemade Vegan Pancake Stack

Couldn't believe it when this Pinterest recipe ACTUALLY worked and the end result looked pretty damn similar to that of the masterpiece saved and pinned to my food inspo board... Ingredients:  Rude Health Almond Milk Oats Plain Flour Baking Powder Raw Coconut Sugar Coconut Oil Vanilla Extract Salt Blueberries, Banana, Coconut Flakes, Agave   Recipe: … Continue reading Homemade Vegan Pancake Stack


A day off on a Stormy Day

After the past couple of weeks drama's to do with finding accommodation for second year at uni, (FULL-TIME ADULTING UPDATE: STRESSED) , my day off today couldn't have come quick enough... I started the day with a well deserved lay-in. At uni, I got into a bad habit of waking up super late on my … Continue reading A day off on a Stormy Day

Summer Garden Dinner Party

Last night I hosted a little garden shindig for some of the important women in my life, everyone from my best friend to my nan was there!  I was in charge of cooking for 9 of us and decided to a big 'help-yourself' kind of dinner, my favourite kind! The evening kicked off with me … Continue reading Summer Garden Dinner Party

First time eating eggs since February

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'd know that I'd been veggie for three years however within the last 6 months have began eating fish as I felt I was 'missing' something from my diet. I've also dabbled in and out of veganism... it's safe to say I'm confused about food... I … Continue reading First time eating eggs since February

House of Vans

Review | 9394 Magazine Launch at the House of Vans

After a year in the making, 9394 magazine has launched and takes young creatives by storm... My love for the House of Vans increases with every visit. An urban creative space tucked away within the arches of Station Approach Road which provides the community with a place filled with inspiration, galleries, workshops and skateparks. Amongst it's … Continue reading Review | 9394 Magazine Launch at the House of Vans