Life Update: I’m Moving Back to London

Summer's over and i'm moving back to reality, back to London... Hey there, Apologies for being quiet on here for about a month now, working full-time definitely took over my life amongst other things, but i'm BACK. I can't believe three months has flown by so quickly and in just two days i'll be moving … Continue reading Life Update: I’m Moving Back to London



And there I am...and if the bags under my eyes and lack of my my usual black eyeliner don't give it away then i'll just say now that i've been feeling hella tired and hella stressed... If you read my post about a month ago, FULL-TIME ADULTING, you'll know that i'm back in my family home … Continue reading FULL-TIME ADULTING UPDATE: STRESSED

Recipe | Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese

  "When I first read the word, 'nutritional yeast', I thought GROSSSSS" This recipe was inspired by the b-e-a-utiful Niomi Smart, lifestyle vlogger, blogger and plant-based guru. I got her book, 'Eat Smart' for Christmas and i'm slowly making my way through her vegan recipes which get better and better. When I first read the … Continue reading Recipe | Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Feeling stressed at University

  Are you feeling stressed? Stress and anxiety is common amongst students who are trying to juggle everything that comes with choosing to go to university. Stress has a variety of roots however they all have the end result of feeling down, irritated and anxious - hence me not posting on here properly for a … Continue reading Feeling stressed at University

Recipe | Raw Coconut Brownies

This is my recipe for a batch of chocolatey heaven, raw coconut and chocolate brownies. The recipe is very similar to my 'energy balls' recipe, inspired by the beautiful Deliciously Ella. If you've read my 'New Years Resolutions' post you'll know that in transition to a plant-based diet, giving up chocolate was one of my … Continue reading Recipe | Raw Coconut Brownies

House of Vans

Review | 9394 Magazine Launch at the House of Vans

After a year in the making, 9394 magazine has launched and takes young creatives by storm... My love for the House of Vans increases with every visit. An urban creative space tucked away within the arches of Station Approach Road which provides the community with a place filled with inspiration, galleries, workshops and skateparks. Amongst it's … Continue reading Review | 9394 Magazine Launch at the House of Vans