Hey everyone, I've decided to take the next step with the blog and transfer all my content to a shiny new self-hosted website (still using WordPress). It's a work in progress as it's quite a challenge building a new site from scratch but I feel it will be much better in the long run. aliceheather.co.uk … Continue reading *NEW WEBSITE, DO NOT IGNORE!*



And there I am...and if the bags under my eyes and lack of my my usual black eyeliner don't give it away then i'll just say now that i've been feeling hella tired and hella stressed... If you read my post about a month ago, FULL-TIME ADULTING, you'll know that i'm back in my family home … Continue reading FULL-TIME ADULTING UPDATE: STRESSED

Feeling stressed at University

  Are you feeling stressed? Stress and anxiety is common amongst students who are trying to juggle everything that comes with choosing to go to university. Stress has a variety of roots however they all have the end result of feeling down, irritated and anxious - hence me not posting on here properly for a … Continue reading Feeling stressed at University

University | NOT the bank of mum and dad

This time last year, I was applying for university and student finance and thank god I did so early in the year because I was shocked to learn about the huge expense that going to university is. Not going to university was not an option for me, it was the next step in my life that … Continue reading University | NOT the bank of mum and dad