Out of Routine

I moved back to London just under a month ago and it's all been a total BLUR... SO MUCH has happened in a month of moving back to London, between stressing about setting up and paying bills, I've been unpacking andย  making my new flat a home, I've started a new job, I've started my … Continue reading Out of Routine


Life Update: I’m Moving Back to London

Summer's over and i'm moving back to reality, back to London... Hey there, Apologies for being quiet on here for about a month now, working full-time definitely took over my life amongst other things, but i'm BACK. I can't believe three months has flown by so quickly and in just two days i'll be moving … Continue reading Life Update: I’m Moving Back to London


And there I am...and if the bags under my eyes and lack of my my usual black eyeliner don't give it away then i'll just say now that i've been feeling hella tired and hella stressed... If you read my post about a month ago,ย FULL-TIME ADULTING, you'll know that i'm back in my family home … Continue reading FULL-TIME ADULTING UPDATE: STRESSED